Frequently Asked Questions


We are currently in Madrid , Barcelona , Malaga , Valencia… y Seville... And we will be arriving in Bilbao shortly! We also operate in other European cities. Contact us to find out more.

box2box offers a first-class door-to-door storage service. You only have to ask our clients!


You can book the return of any or all of your items by contacting us via email or by email, or by calling us on 600 277 330. he first delivery is completely FREE!
Our customer service team will help you through the entire process! You can contact us via mail email, or by telephone on 600 277 330.We also provide an estimated space calculator which can give you an idea of the amount of space you will require.


For security reasons, we only allow access to members of our team. But rest assured, we take the greatest care of your items! If you need an item returned urgently, call us on 600 277 330 and we will get it delivered in the shortest time possible!
Of course! We place the utmost importance on security. We have a 24-hour surveillance system connected to a central monitoring centre, and only authorised personnel can access the facility.


Our Customer Service team will help you through the whole process! You can contact us by email or by calling 600 277 330.

The storage cost depends on the m2 required. Refer to the pricing page pricing page for our current rates per m2. You can also get in touch with our customer service team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the process. You can contact us via email email, or by calling us on 600 277 330.

Collection and Packing

It’s important to have all of the items box2box will be transporting ready for us. Furniture needs to be disassembled, boxes packed and sealed, etc. This way, we can guarantee the most efficient service. If you need help with item assembly or disassembly, we will be happy to help. Contact us for more information!
For obvious reasons, we are unable to store animals, perishable foods, or items that cannot be stored at room temperature, or require specialist treatment. It is also forbidden to store weapons, explosives, or illegal items.
We are able to provide materials such as blankets and plastic and bubble wrapping to protect your items. Contact us via email or by calling on 600 277 330 for more information.